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Good point Zak, so let me point out that none of my handloads ever go shorter than the factory version. Even CZ's and Smith 3rd generation 9mm's using "short chambers" they are still long enough to handle factory JHP ammo. For the P-01 I load to 1.122" (28.5mm) nearly identical to factory JHP length with loads that are not using truncated cone shape JHP's that can indeed be shorter. For SIGs the 124 gr. JHP goes to 1.142" (29mm) which is the length that European powder makers like Vihta Vuori recommend, but they are too long for the CZ's and Smiths and many others, but SIGs love 'em!. I have never loaded as short as some of the manuals recommend for 9mm, but they have to consider the multitude of imported pistols that are in the country.

So now, I have to disqualify myself, because I do load for OACL in that regard. Guess I take the OAL consistency for granted because my REDDING press keeps all my loads to +/- .001" in tolerance! One benefit of the .40 and it being recent in regard to technology, is that everybody making double-stack .40's stay pretty consistent on chamberlength minimums. 1911's, H&K USP's and the XD's, go even longer
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