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Yeah, if you want to possibly avoid seperating caseheads with this brass later because it was weakened by the condition Rodger is describing in shooting short cases that will not properly headspace. It will cost more in this case to load up with hard cast or pulled bullets and shooting reduced loads with SR 4759 or IMR 4198 even Accurate 5744 would be good for this. The benefit will be that your cartridges will now be fireformed to the correct length of the rifles chamber! And you will avoid the potential of weakened cases and casehead seperation in the future. Fireforming should only be done with reduced loads. Check the manual!

Seems easy enough for anyone to understand that shooting these short cases at high pressure is going to cause case stretching and weaken the brass. I sure don't want this in the back of my mind when I am later shooting the same cases with full power loads!
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