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I would say that 1,500 rounds is a quite a bit for "casual plinking" I know there are some cheap ammo in 9mm out there and it seems to be getting close to what you can reload for. I have been loading for a million years and almost never buy factory ammo anymore. If you aren't sure how serious you will take to reloading I would suggest you look at Lee's stuff. It all works and everything is very reasonable in price. If you find you like reloading you may want to move up in quality or you may find as a lot of people do, Lee stuff is fine and just stay with them. As far as the .380 goes, for as little as you shoot it I would just buy factory ammo. I have seen it priced for somewhere around $8.00 +/- a box. If you do get into reloading, you are in the right place to read Q&A's and a GREAT bunch of people in here that will be more than happy to respond to your questions. Good Luck
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