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What do you mean, "no centerfire rifles"? I'm originally from Florida, we only hunted two ways, centerfire rifle or slugged shotgun. My brother still lives there and hunts with just about anything that he can get his hands on. The state of Florida considers deer a varmint and make it as easy as possible to blow them buggers away. When I lived there, you were allowed one a day.

Just pulled this from Florida fish & wildlife web page.

Centerfire semi-automatic rifles having a magazine capacity of more than five rounds.
Non-expanding, full metal case (military ball) ammunition.
Any rimfire cartridge for taking deer.
Rifles or pistols for taking migratory game birds.
Fully automatic or silencer-equipped firearms.
Explosive or drug-injecting arrows.
Set guns, live decoys, snares and nets.
Electronically recorded game calls or sounds.
Shooting from any vehicle, powerboat or sailboat moving under power.
Herding or driving wildlife by use of any vehicle, aircraft or boat.
Artificial light.
Hunting turkeys with dogs.
Shooting turkeys while they are on the roost.
Taking migratory game birds or wild turkey over baited areas, or taking wild turkeys if the hunter is less than 100 yards
from any game-feeding station.
Killing swimming deer.
Hunting with a bow equipped with sights or aiming devices with electronic computational capabilities or light projection
(laser) features during any archery season.
Hunting resident game with a bow with a draw weight of less than 35 pounds.


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