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I'm not going to dispute your figures. I know that a .357 is plenty for deer, having used it myself. Some laws don't make a whole lot of sense. I was using the laws in my state as an example as to what may or may not be legal in some states, after reminding Jeffly the importance of checking with the individual state's regulations. Some states may permit it others may not.
The only time I ever checked into it I was simply using ballistic tables in the SHOOTER'S BIBLE, looking up the cartridges in both handgun and rifle ballistic tables, and comparing the energy levels to the law as it is written here in NE. Reviewing the only 2 listings I could find for .357 out of a rifle, Federal has a listing for a 180 grn at 1550 fps out of an 18" barrel, which translates to 535 ft/lbs at 100 yds. There is also a listing for a Winchester 158grn at 1830 fps out of a 20" barrel for 715 ft/lbs at 100 yds. While either of these are enough to put down a deer, they do not meet the legal requirements for the state where I hunt. About half of the .44 loads listed for use in rifles didn't make my state's min. required energy levels for rifles either. While handloaded ammo may be able to get your energy levels over the required IN MY STATE 900 ft/lbs at 100 yds, you better hope that you don't get checked by a game warden (who may not be all that up on ballistics) or you will be hiring professional ballisticians and/or physicists, renting a range and hiring somebody to certify the loading and chrono readings, along with a damn good lawyer to convince the judge that you shouldn't have your firearm (and maybe your truck and any other equipment used on the hunt) confiscated, your hunting rights revoked, damages charged, and a fine levied against you.
Don't take legal advice off a bulletin board (unless someone is cautioning not to do something without checking with your own local legal authorities)
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