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Feral hogs are fun! 30 or 40 pound shoats on up to around 100 or so are excellent, yummy-tasty groceries.

The 300-lb and up (Yes, UP!) aren't all that tough-eating, actually. What it is, is, they can be real bad-tempered. Mean. Ornery. Particularly if they have a little Russian mixed in.

Aside from mean, who wants to get run over by anything weighing over 300 pounds? I don't want to play in the NFL, for that matter.

For the smaller, "eatin'-size", a .357 or .44 Mag is fine; an AK with soft-points, or a thutty-thutty is plenty good.

Unless you're a good sneaky-snake, whatever you use should be something you're familiar with. Skilled in getting off a quick shot, and not disturbed by shooting at a running target. If you're sneaky, working the wind; or sitting in a stand, it's less of an issue.

I've taken a few shoats in thick timber and swamp country; I was "under instructions" to not shoot sows or the bigger boars.

They can't see worth a darn, comparatively, but their noses and ears work real well. Use the wind. (Just like walking up deer.)

But if you have a guy who likes to teach and guide, jump on the deal!

, Art
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