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Big Dog,

Most states rate feral hogs as pests and have no season, but they usually do specify "legal methods of taking", i.e., what weapons are legal to hunt them with.

Here in GA, they can be hunted year 'round, but a license is required.

Minimums: <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>shotgun .20 ga or larger with slugs or buckshot <LI>rifle .22 or larger centerfire with expanding bullets <LI>front end loaders .44 cal or larger, no muzzle loading pistols <LI>handguns any producing in excess of 500 ft/lbs energy at 100 yds</UL>

As to minimum cartridge, since I don't like to drag, clean or eat any hog over about 120-150 pounds, I think a 7.62x39 is fine. I have used .30-30 and my favorite is a full length .30-30 necked up to take a .358. I have a friend that takes a .223. On down in the summer time we take .357s and .44 mags.

But a 300 pounder? EeeeeYiiieeee! Older and bigger ... smarter! I'm reminded of the famous line in Jaws, "... we need a bigger boat!" Maybe .30-30 minimum in rifle? .44 mag in handgun?

I like it to eat much better than venison. Night time is the MOST fun! If you haven't done it and someone is offering to take you, do it!

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