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I lived in the panhandle of TX for a few years and did some feral hog hunting in the Childress area. Great fun slipping around through the mesquite brush chasing them pigs. I shot a few with a old model 94 30-30. Haven't shot em with anything smaller so I can't help you there. Anything under 175 lbs. is the best eating, and they are suprisingly good eating. Great for chili meat.

There was no season on them and they were considered a pest. They tear up farm ground and go anywhere they please. Like most non-game animals the was no limit. Back in those days most landowners would let you in just so they could get them thinned out a bit. Now I think most charge for the privilage. A friend of mine is lining up a hunt to TX where they get something in the line of $300 a hog. Too rich for my blood. If you have someone willing to take you, I'd go. Enjoy.

I'll bet Art has some hog hunting experiences to tell. Maybe he can line you out on how light of caliber you could get away with.

bullet placement is gun control

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