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Okay Greenfurniture, I'm not saying that the average criminal doesn't have internet or magazine rack access. I'm just saying that they probably don't pay attention or more importantly go researching such things in order to be better prepared for their life of crime.

I'm also willing to bet that they don't read the "Mens Health and Fitness" column in the Playboy mag either.

Probably don't read up on the concealed carry clothing articles in the gun rags either cause those clothes aren't real popular with the "in" crowd and much like the Playboy, they're looking at the cool pictures and don't get far from the captions.

I'll take it even a step further, based on my limited experience with a local small town police force, which is limited to idle chit chat with a few that I run across on a casual basis, I'll bet that a large percentage of LEO's wouldn't recognize a 5.11 vest if they saw one.

That's just my OPINION, and I'm sure it's not worth two cents. But now that it's been brought up, I think I'll start asking around the next time I run into some. "Hey, have you ever heard of a Royal Robbins 5.11 Tactical vest?" "Could you describe one in enough detail to distinquish it from any other vest??"

Better yet, how about some of our distinguished LEO's that visit this board do a casual survey of their coworkers, those that don't visit gun websites and shoot only when it's time to qualify, etc., and see what they come up with.
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