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Coinneach: Another good book is "Meditations on Hunting" by the Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset. Jeff Cooper recommends it highly; it speaks to the overall hunting ethic...It's one of those books best read through and then re-read slowly, a chapter or part of a chapter at a time.

I've always joked that the reason I don't go to Africa for elephant hunting is that "I can't eat a whole elephant". Really, this is beside the point, since no meat is ever wasted in Africa.

I support game laws such as Colorado's non-waste idea, where it is an offense to kill a game animal and take only the head. At the same time, however, this is not truly a "waste" in that something will eat the carcass--bear, buzzard, wolf or coyote.

Kerasote's writings are well worth the reading. Anybody who provides food for thought is worthwhile, I think, and I've enjoyed his works.

Later, Art
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