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if you want cheap meat, it would be cheaper to buy a hog than raise one! Last year, around here anyway, the joke during pheasant season was that several farmers were allowing hunters access on the condition that they take a hog with them after the hunt!

I bought this book several years ago, and have lent it to my brother-in-law (only took 8 months to get it back), and my brother (who has had it for over a year now). It seems that anybody that reads it wants to hang onto it. If anybody is passing by Alliance, NE, could you stop and get it (along with The Art Of The Rifle) and send them to me???

The Amazon review doesn't quite get Ted's take on trophy hunting, in the book he remains quite neutral and nonjudgmental as he is presenting the cultural views of the people involved. The actions of SOME of the "trophy hunters" are IMO nothing more than poaching, and are used to demonstrate the extreme to which trophy hunting can be carried. He also presents the actions of SOME "meat hunters" in what could be called a less-than-favourable light, at least according to my personal standards and the way I was raised. That is what the book is about, the relationships between man and nature, demonstrating the cultural beliefs of the participants and the society in which they live. What is okay in some societies may not be in others. While it may be argued that nobody in the U.S. or any other "civilized" part of the world today needs to hunt to survive, the anti-hunting herd is deliberately shutting themselves off from a part of the true nature of man and the world in which we live.
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