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I need to get the book, sounds great. In recent years I have gone from killing for food to killing for heads. A most reprehensible act according to many. However, my taxidermist, hunting buddies and the guides and outfitters I associate with would disagree. Afterall, considering the real cost of big game hunting, buying chicken is cheaper.

Here is some food for thought. John Q. Meathunter is elk hunting. Two bulls step into an opening 50 yards from his truck. In fact he can drive to the spot. The first bull is a little old rag horn with three on one side and four on the other. The second bull is a magnificent 6X6 that will easily score 380 BC. John kills the 6x6 and throws the rack in the rafters out in the garage. How honorable is that? Criiter is dead, stolen from the gene pool, and not even mounted for future generations to admire.
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