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You're right. There are no criminals with internet access or magazine racks at the local Wal Mart.
Having taught in a juvinile correctional facility, I believe most people give the gang banger type of criminal way more credit than they deserve. They are not nearly as sophisticated as TV and the movies imply. In fact, if they do know much, it's because they saw it in a movie or on TV. And they believe what they see there is real and the way it is. Illiteracy is rampant.

Naturally one of the things they see on TV is how "bad" they are and how "smart" they are (you know, that street smarts stuff). They believe they are that smart. While there is such a thing as street smarts, most of these children ain't Einstein. Most are scared kids, trying to fit in. The unfortunate part is who they try to fit in with and what is required to get there.

On the internet access, a few that stayed in school long enough to learn a little bit can navigate the web, if they had a functioning computer (and some do). Most of them didn't pay any more attention in computer class than they did in reading and then all they wanted to do was gain access to -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-.

In rural areas especially in hunting or fishing season which is essentially all the time (varmints, you know), BDU's and the vests are extremely common. Wearing them may tag you as "Bubba", but there's lots of Bubbas out there. If it fills your need for inconspicuous concealment, who cares?
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