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I have been thinking about this book for a while now, I was going to recommend it to Coinneach when he first posted "should I"but I thought it might get lost after the thread got a little length. In light of several of the discussions that have gone on lately, I would recommend this book to all, especially those that are new to hunting, or would like to do something different from the hunting they are used to. It came out several years ago, and was written by Ted Kerasote. It might be a little tough to find. For those of you not familiar with the author, he has written for a couple of outdoor magazines, and is pretty well respected. This book looks at hunting from several different perspectives, from subsistance hunting in the arctic, high dollar trophy hunters, the author's own hunting, and he even entered the "lion's den" and spent some time with the head guy from one of the big anti-hunting animal rights groups. Some of you may remember this last part as an excerpt was printed in the mag Kerasote was working for at the time. Especially interesting, is the "mini-ride" theory on environmental impact, that is often used to "prove" a liberal point of view, but when seriously examined, blows the animal-rights, vegatarians out of the water, and shows just how screwed up they are. Different parts of this book will piss-off just about just about everybody, but it will make you think.

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