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The ASP 9mm combat pistol was the brain child of Paris Theodore. At a time where most handguns were large and heavy, the pistol was small, sleek and powerfull. The concept was way ahead of it's time and was shamelessly copied without so much as a thank you, much less any compensation, by S&W themselves and put into production as the 469, 3914, etc....

Mr. Theodore's designs were way ahead of the big guys and he started the whole compact handgun trend that we still see today. There were over 200 modifications to the Smith and Wesson Model 39 9mm pistol. Each was hand fitted and tested for reliability until it could feed an empty case.

There are scores of threads about the ASP 9mm, Mr. Theodore and later production of the ASP pistol in Wisconsin. A google search should turn up quite a bit. Here is a picture of an ASP 9mm.

For my money, the only one to own is an original Seventrees version of the ASP manufactured in Manhatten. Later versions produced in WI while nice, do not enjoy the history and the cloak and dagger aspect of the original conversions.

A little over 3000 guns were produced with about 10% produced in Manhatten. IMHO Paris Theodore was a genius, a man kind to his friends, and a man that was taken advantage of by the corporate establishment. Sometime ago a short documentary was produced by Mr. Theodore's sons. I hope that it will see the light of day, but in all likely hood probably won't. I can't help but think that Mr. Theodore would prefer it that way.

UNSEEN in the best places....

I welcome any first hand accounts, stories, pictures,etc about Mr. Theodore, the ASP 9mm or Seventrees.
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