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You know, I think that the only people that know of 5.11 vests as "shoot me first" vests are people that are in the law abiding gun community. Do we really think that the average criminal knows when he goes into the bank or wherever to hold it up that he needs to look for the guy with the vest first? Do we really believe that the criminals are on the net researching concealed carry clothes so that they can better identify us? I think that's a stretch and a gun range myth.

The only time I've ever seen a guy wear one in public, was in a grocery store. The thing that caught my eye first was not the vest, but the way he had his head up checking for everyones hands just like I was. He certainly didn't have "victim" stamped on isn't that the image we're trying to portray anyway, leave me alone I won't be your victim!? He just looked like a more aware than average middle age man at the grocery store.

Now if I were a criminal, and I did know about the 5.11 vest, what I would have thought was, hmm....., that fellow might have a gun and know how to use it, AND, he seems to have seen me as soon as I saw him.....might ought to try somewhere else for my stickup.

As for the pants, I don't care to wear camo unless I'm doing something woodsy. However, Cabela's and others sell BDU pants in several other colors. Their practical, comfortable, and in style. Well ironed, they'd pass for a nice set of khaki's. I wear them all the time.

Maybe the proper term should be an "I'm going to shoot back vest".

And, no, I don't own one but probably should.
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