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Fishing Vests!

I belong to a firearms training assoc: a big one, 8000 plus strong, several years ago I was in a Banana Republic store in Buffalo? Not sure now, but the Photographers vest, or Safari vest was popular with the bus and coach drivers in Europe, I had seen them there first, well sale on!! $29.95 so being self employed, and "WORK" clothes were tax deductible I bought 4 of them, two tan, one blue, one green, a kind of washed out green.

When one of my fellow board members saw my vest "Going fishing?" giggle giggle (he wears them now!)

My first 511 Pants, Royal Robins, I bought on a visit to the FBI in Quantico, I think 15 years ago? loved them, still wear then near every day, love the pockets, the Magazine pocket? Well Cel phone pocket now, not vests so often, love my Florida and jean shirts now.

The old Mother in Law, now passed away, saw the pants in London UK two years ago "Eye Michael you can’t wear them pants, all the kids are wearing them" telling her I had wore them for years did not appease her!
Tip for your vest wear, iron on jean patches, iron one on each side, inside, stops the gun and magazine from wearing holes in it, plus blocks the lumps and bumps.
Be Safe, Mike H.
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