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Coal, Oal, and other "precision" reloading stuff

Is it all that important? I take my time with my rifle loading, but my pistol stuff.......I just throw it together focusing more on powder/bullet combo's than anything. I buy the cheap lead bullets (17.99 per 500), scrounge for range brass, use Titegroup cuz it is a dollar less per lb and I use less. I go to the range and blow through 300+ .45acp and at least 200 .44mag at a time (not to mention the 500+ .22lr thanks to the "ultimate cliploader"). I am still able to make a ragged hole at 15 and 25 yds most of the time with very few throwed bullets. My "reckless reloading" doesn't seem to affect my shooting, I would go as far as to say I shoot better with my loads than WWB or similar factory bullets........
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