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ok, I should have worded that differently. I should have said 100% reliable in any conceavable day to day situation. if the earth opened up and satan stepped out I have no idea how my dog, or any dogs I've trained would react. if a 777 airliner or hercules jumbo prop plane collided with the house I dont know. and granted, the majority of the people who I train for just want obedience, they dont care if the dog will be obedient in a war/battle situation. however, if the situation is possible, any dog can be trained to be obedient in it. its just a matter of simulating it while training. so yes, I should have said my dog is garaunteed to be 100% obedient in any conceivable situation, but it IS possible to train a dog to be 100% reliable in other situations. I cant simulate a UFO beeming me up in order to train a dog to obey commands in that situation. so I'll give you that one.
as to your second question, I could list names (if I had the time and their permission) of atleast 1,000 owners in the US, and another 5-10,000 in europe who could claim 100% reliability of their dogs. and I can also promise their are another roughly 50,000 handlers among the US law enforcement agencies and military who can claim the same. I wish everyone in the US had to meet the standards for dog ownership that europeans are held too, and higher, but sadly you are correct, the vast majority of people in this world cannot make such a claim. which I guess was why I originally said that I dont blame anyone on here for honestly saying they would shoot first and deal with the consequences later. and the reason I posted about canine behaviour is so that everyone who reads it might save themselves a little trouble, and said that we should all be as responsible in this situation as with a person running towards you. what if you shoot the person and then realize he/she was running to their car, running past you, because their wife just called and said she was going into labor/husband called and said he was cleaning his shotgun and blew his foot off. you might see a dog seemingly running right for you, shoot it, then little Timmy comes around the corner behind you and you find out the dog was running past you because he just heard the kibble spill into his food dish.
I wasnt trying to start a fight, and dont want to be a part of one. I was merely informing everyone about canine behaviour and hoping that with the info I posted you might notice one of the things I mentioned and realize the dog is not charging with malicious intent, or atleast hesitate to be certain. draw your weapon, and be ready, but be certain.
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