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CleanCut, you'll find somewhere between danged few and not any, on this forum, who would ever try to tell you how to run your business, how to think, or what to do on your own land.

I think most of the folks here don't believe that any one way is "THE" way to do anything.

I may be putting words in Muleshoe's mouth, but I read his post as meaning that your view is not wrong for you, but it would be wrong for him. And I sure don't think you'd want his kids to have a lesser standard of living.

Wildlife is really neat, but wildlife can do vast harm. Deer, raccoons, and crows can reduce a farmer's corn crop--and do. Crows can devastate a pecan orchard--and do. Weasels can kill a farm-house chicken flock in a few minutes--and do.

True story: A farmer bought a brand new 1997 Ford pickup truck. About a month or two later he crippled on back to the dealership; the truck barely ran. When they raised the hood, it looked like "an explosion in a spaghetti factory". Seems that vegetable-based insulation on all the wiring was mighty tasty to the mice in the farmer's barn. $1,500 later...

Sure, everybody does their own thing in their own way. But don't knock somebody else's way until after you've come to fully understand why they do it like that.

Regards, Art
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