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It would seem that most of your outdooor/biology experience comes from a book. Not that books are all bad but have to get up off of it and go see what REALLY takes place before you can decide that some idiotic survey written by anti-hunters is factual.
Here in NM, the fish & game dept is hiring some professional hunters to come in and kill a bunch of mountain lions because they are endangering the bighorn sheep popualtion in a couple of areas. The lions were so plentiful here last year that we had a 2 lion limit per tag. First time that I have ever seen that happen.
I have found more than one doe run into and entangled in barbed wire by coyotes. Some were pregnant. I have seen evidence where a pack of coyotes have surrounded a doe giving birth and killed the fawn immediately after birth, maybe during.
You can bet your a$$ that predators are a danger to the herbivore population if they are not kept in check. I will do everything that I can to help keep them in check. Also be assured that if wolves are successfully reintroduced here that they will all be killed......again. Same with grizzlies. They were all killed out of cattle country for a reason and the reason hasn't changed.
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