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Hi Muleshoe-

Didn't mean to apply the argument to your tame herbivores I know that for you and your fellow ranchers each one of these incidents means a lot of $$, time and concern. I meant to address what a few posts early in the thread discussed, i.e. deer populations depleted by coyotes - I don't think that the coyote vs deer argument flies for the reasons above. With all due respect to Slymule, before we were around, there were many more coyotes (and other predators) per sq. mile than you see now and they were not killing off the deer herds. Coyote and deer, like wolf and caribou, work off of each other in a natural balance which makes selects the best genetics for both pools and optimizes the populations in each specie. In other words, if we weren't around to "control" the coyote the deer would be quite fine thank you! As they were, of course, before there were any humans in America, or before our population density started going up in N. America.

Just curious- I know that the Park Service is reintroducing wolves in a couple places. Has it happened in your area?

Take care- mckysdad

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