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Intrestin' question, Dave! Made me go to the books and caused my memory to function accutely. Goodnews/Badnews: My 2 most trusted sources, Lyman 46 and Speer 11, Don't show much and I expected to find 6.5 x 55 data because they disagree on burn rate selection in it vs. SPEER. What SPEER does show is reduced data for the 7 x 57 with 4198. In 22-250 and the Swede they use SR-4759 and it made me remember a few years back that IMR put out an awareness campaign regarding proper powders for reduced loads and started furnishing this type of data with each can of powder and can no doubt help you because I don't think they limited 4198 to just the 7 x 57 for this purpose, but used it for just about everything. It is a very fast Rifle powder with only a few ahead of it in burn rate. Probably not exactly what you wanted to hear and maybe someone can help with actual use. Looks to me like you could burn it for reduced loads and lower velocity hard cast loads like the Oregon Trail Bullets.
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