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Time for my .02 on this topic. The Colorado deer herd in general is down MAINLY because of the predators, in a few areas I'd say its a split between the predators and the Wasteing disease. It's definately not down because of man exterminating them. Granted you can also attribute hard winters to their decline in some areas. I know alot of outfitters, alot of lion hunters, and a few coyote hunters. NONE of these guys dispute the increase in the coyote, lion, and bear populations in this state. Just look at the difference in the deer herd from how it used to be twenty years ago to what it is now. If Colorado doesn't wake up about the predator problem we have, we won't have a deer herd in another 5 years. It'll be so desimmated it'll take who knows how many years to return to huntable numbers. Just take the lion, one adult lion will kill a deer a week for food, a female with kittens will kill more than that. Thats 52+ deer a year gone for each cat out there, and believe me we have ALOT of those big cats running around. The CO. DOW should bring back bear hunting with hounds to help dwindle down their increasing numbers, they should increase the number of lion permits issued, and definately should put a bounty on coyotes to thin them down since nobody is trapping them anymore because of hide prices. Ask anybody that lived in this state and hunted 20-30 years ago, what the deer herd used to be like. I'm telling you if the DOW doesn't start listening to somebody besides PETA and other "bleeding heart" groups like them, this state is gonna lose alot of out of state money, and the reason will be because we won't have a deer herd to hunt. It's getting ridiculous with all this anti-hunting crap thats going on. Bring back the poison, the government trappers, and put a bounty on coyotes til we have there numbers down to a level that will let the deer herds get back up. Piss on the prairie dogs, shoot em all except the ones around Boulder, let those bleeding hearts enjoy em to their fullest ...and the rest of us will all sit back and see how long that lasts. Hey, I love to listen to coyotes on a moonlit night, but I shoot every one I can, because I like eating a nice venison steak better. We're gonna kill off our deer herds by sitting back and doing nothing, but on the other hand, it would take a monumental battle to kill the coyotes off to a respectable level. Like its been said many times before - you WON'T get rid of them all, they're just too damn smart. Flame on boys...I had my say!
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