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mckysdad, I'd agree that in "nature" the balances between herbivores and carnivores is near perfection. No, it is perfection. Man is the spoiler though. We have changed all the balances. My big old dumb fat polled herbivores have lost nearly all of their natural suvival instincts. So I reckon it's up to me to fend off the carnivores. Now I realize that my gang of herbivores is never going to be wiped out by them ole carnivores, but each one that I can't take to the salebarn is a pretty big chunk of change not going in my pocket. That takes food off the table, I've got my own carnivores to feed.

Even if they (the carnivores) aren't able to kill my herbivores, just running them around cost me money. Say a couple of coyotes or even stray dogs get into my pasture and chase my thirty five 500lb. calves around for a few minutes, long enough to lose 10lbs. each. (which doesn't take very long) This year that size calf is bringing about $1.00/lb., do the math. Yes Cleancut, the strays meet the same fate as the coyotes. In most cases the strays are worse, but that's a whole other debate. Can't wait for you to chime in on that one.

bullet placement is gun control

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