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It's a little known fact that crows are Federally protected. Some states have extremely generous seasons on them but they are protected nonethe less. Years ago in TX(I don't know how it is now), the lwa said something to the effect that you were not to kill crows unless they were damaging crops or somehow hurting something. The game wardens that I talked to said that they never saw a crow that wasn't doing something wrong or his way to do it so they didn't care how many or when you we shot them.

This brings us to coyotes. I have never seen one that wasn't on his way to do something he wasn't supposed to do and I kill most everyone that I see.

We sell guided varmint hunts here and coyotes are a big part of our living in the off season. We live in the middle of 30,000 acres of private land and there are also a lot of cattle on the land. So, that being the case, yes, coyotes are considered dangerous to the calves and to our domestic pets and farm animals but because they are so numerous, we also kill them for sport and profit. I just had two hunters here on the 12th and 13th for a coyote hunt. In the summer we add prairie dogs to the list.
I routinely shoot them right out my back door. If a cow dies, I drag it over within a couple hundred yards of the house and shoot coyotes off it when I don't have anything else to do.
Muleshoe, I agree with you about an ulterior motive here.


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