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Well, I might as well step in it. In my neck of the woods it is socially acceptable to kill critters for sport, and I do just that. I call in and kill dozens of predators a year. In the off season I shoot gophers and prarie dogs for fun. I don't promote it, and I don't condemn those who disagree.

While riding snowmobiles several years ago I chased a coyote down and mashed him into the snow. While parked on top of him I got a .22 pistol out of my tank bag. I drove off of the critter and shot him as he struggled to his feet. At the time, a mountain pelt like that fetched about $120.00.

My snowmobiling partner rode over and immediately told me what a dispicable ass I was for doing such a terrible thing. He lectured me on how the poor old coyote was just trying to "earn a living" out in the mountains and wasn't hurting a thing. Interestingly enough, my riding partner is a hunter, having killed a deer and an elk that fall. Heck, I took him deer hunting. It just so happened that I crossed the moral and ethical line as far as he was concerned.

Maybe Clean Cut is just trying to define where that line is as far as his own hunting practices. Who knows...?
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