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Actually, One Shot does seem to go a ways, but then again a lot of case lubes do also, they're just not as convenient. It also drops in temperature fairly rapidly the more you spray it, probably the pressure catalyst. Does anyone actually know what is in One Shot?

It has never caused a primer or powder problem with my reloads, but after a couple of squirts, it does freeze up and I have to wait for the can to get back to room temperature to start using it again which is hendering the convenience element and therefore, it's value.

Wonder what cowboys and buffalo hunters used for lube in their old Lyman hand tools? Who knows, they might have even ate their eggs cooked in the same stuff. I'm not suggesting anyone try this for loaded ammunition, but just for kicks, I think I'll spray some old cases with cooking spray, resize them and let them sit awhile and see what affect it has on the brass. Afterall, dies should be cleaned periodically anyway!
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