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Wearing BDUs 5.11?

Other than suffering the ridicule of being a "mall ninja" by TFL members is it appropriate to wear BDU pants and 5.11 vest for a casual stroll through the woods or going to the movies?

Isn't a large part of deterrence how one looks? BDUs are tougher and as if not more comfy than jeans. The 5.11 vest does a great job of concealing the hip holstered firearm. Plus I haven't been mugged while wearing that. But I have been mugged when wearing my suit and talking on a cell phone at the bus stop (learned my lesson the hard way). Coincidence? I think not.

Then again I can see the mall ninja comparison. As someone who has trained in various martial arts for over a decade I chuckle to myself when I see a guy wearing his karate gi proudly showing off his white belt. If any of you hardcore military folks chuckle at me for wearing a 5.11 vest then so be it.
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