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We went out and shot them after I posted, Rodger and I didn't expect outstanding accuracy with the 125's and no big surprises. They were decent though and I will probably only tinker with pressure just enough to find the best accuracy with this bullet. Will chronograph later when accuracy arrives and with the 150's. Next outing, I will have 150's ready along with more of the 125's and hopefully the 170 gr. OT GC's that got backordered will show up. At least for now, we have enough fireformed once fired to start reloading for the chamber and I will probably load the 125's again with 35.0 grs. of 748 to compare to the loads I made with new brass. I'm not in much hurry to use the OT cast bullets with gas checks until I get more of the new brass broke in and have 80 to go! Probably have around 60 once fired cases now though. Had a pretty good day shooting and took my SKS and fired the best group I have ever gotten. Five rounds into 1.16" at 50 yards opensighted using, of all things, Wolf FMJ! Did close to the same later with the HP, so I was relieved because I only had the five rounds of FMJ. I hope it doesn't get much more addicting. I kind of brokered the deal on the 94 AE for my partner. Got it used and it looked to be unfired for $200. Knowing my luck, the urge will get bad before we get another gunshow and I'll end up at wally world! Thanks to everyone again, it's been a blast!
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