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Bullrock, . . . I about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw your last post. Today, I went to a distant neighbor's house to check on some pups she said she had (half German Shepard, 1/4 black Lab, 1/4 golden Retriever).

She told me these puppies would be the friendliest pups on the planet.

Nobody told momma dog that she was supposed to show the friendly face for all prospective pup parents.

Remember where you wrote: "I would hope we all would know the difference."

Yeah, . . . I know the difference, . . . and for about 2 seconds in the living room there, . . . I had the distinct impression momma had me made for her new chew toy. Wasn't hard to read her intentions, . . .

Anyway, . . . y'all have a great day.

May God bless,
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