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Loaded 20 rounds last night. New Remington cases, WLRP, 125 gr. Sierra's with 35.0 grs of 748, OAL 2.425". For reloading a truck gun we kicked dies around quite a bit because I like REDDING's for anything, but thought most would be fine for this application. Man I just had to mention how excellent the REDDING FL .30-30 set is. Using their set-up recommendation for multiple rifles to start, I slightly buckled a case neck from the crimp ring being set a little deep on the first round. Corrected it and what a bunch of beautiful handloads. After we try various weights I will start reloading to get the best headspace for just this one rifle, so all I was really trying to do was create some factory type loads with a lowered powder charge. When I start accuracy loading for that gun, I am very excited about the possibilities. Glad we didn't scimp on the cost of dies because of the general purpose nature of this gun. Yes, I am a very loyal REDDING customer and have found 0 reason not to be!
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