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Mal H,

I guess I can't speak for anyone elses loads or guns, but in this particular gun (S&W 66-7) with these bullets (Rainier 125gr Plated HP) Winchester small pistol primers(maybe they're bad, but I've used 500+ from the same box of 1000 with no problems) and the bottle of 231 I have (maybe also bad, but fairly new,as in weeks, and works fine in my 9mm and .45ACP), The powder position makes ALL the difference.

The roll crimps were all the same (FIRM). I visually checked each case before shooting it.

I don't know or have the tools to measure all the dimensions you are looking for.

I don't see the signifigance of the primer strike. The primers were firing every time.

I shot over 100 rounds, and I was able to decide before I pulled the trigger if I wanted the bullet to get stuck or not by where I positioned the powder in the case. It was consistent and worked EVERY SINGLE time.

I'm tired of pounding bullets out of my barrel, and so in my mind: CASE CLOSED. IN MY GUN, I will not load less than 5 grains of 231 behind a 125gr Rainier Plated HP.
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