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Back in Thanksgiving, I visited my friend Art Eatman, nestled somewhere in the desert mountains of Terlingua, TX, in the Big Bend area. I hunted with Art, and never even knocked the safety off on my rifle while looking for mule deer with him. I finally shot a single large blue quail (which my wife received well!). But I in no way felt like I went home empty-handed-- No-sir! Merely to walk through that high desert country is a marvelous experience that you take with you when you leave. Pictures? Well.... I sort of... lost my camera. !

Art found it under the seat of his pickup a day later, and sent it back to me. He mentioned that he'd gone ahead and finished the roll. When I went to pick up the prints today at Winn Dixie, the girl at the counter offered me a free 8"X10" if I would allow them to display Art's picture of the view out his back door for a few days. Sure...

Views like this are part of why I hunt...

Thank you so much Art. You're an enviable man!


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