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Old loads - -

As a side note:

Four or five years ago, I ran across a long forgotten, partial box of .30'06 ammo I reloaded some time around 1966. I know, because I bought one box of Remington 150 gr. round nose soft point bullets (intended for the .30-30 ctg) the day I bought my RCBS dies and a can of IMR 4895 powder at Knight's Gun Shop in Fort Worth. I asked for a powder charge to use, and Hollis Pricer (R.I.P.) gave me his standard load from memory. No use mentioning it here, as it is well above currently listed maximums.

I was very careful when assembling those loads. I was well satisfied with them, but was a complete rookie with centerfire rifle. As long as I hit the target at 100 yards, all was well.

Thirty-some years later, I took that old ammo to a bench with proper sandbags and all. I used a Ruger 77 of known capability, and shot a group of a bit under one inch. The ammo had been stored in a pasteboard box - - Never wet but it had been subjected to some summer heat and winter cold. I had not used any sort of bullet or primer sealant on the cartridges.

I realize a single group hardly constitutes scientific proof, but I seriously considered taking the remaining three or four rounds hunting that fall. I decided not to, because my rifle was sighted in with 165 grain ammo. Maybe I was also a little afraid to spoil a good story.

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