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Stuck bullet question answered

I recently posted a question as to weather 3.8 grains of 231 was light enough to stick a 125 gr bullet in the bbl of my 3.5" mod. 66.

I got lots of responces about a light powder charge and light crimp and contaminated powder ect.

I just came from some testing at the range and found that it all has to do with the location of the powder in the case. at 3.8 grains, every shot that I tipped the gun up to settle the powder to the rear of the case went off fine, and every shot that I tipped the gun down to put the powder in the front of the case the bullet got stuck halfway down the barrel. This was exactly the same with 4.2 grains, stuck or shot at will by positioning the powder. Only when I got to 5 grains did the bullet make it out of the barrel every time with the powder at the front of the case, but I could sure tell the the power was greatly reduced from the same charge back against the primer.

I guess that a small pistol primer is not hot enough to ignite 231 at the far end of a 38 case. Mag primers might help, but I'm just gonna use a bulkier powder for the revolver and stick to 231 for the .45 and 9mm.

Chris P.
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