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adad, Squirrel hunting is allot of fun, and with a .22 more of a challenge than you might expect. When I was a kid I too used a shotgun,(12 ga.), mostly because I wasn't good enough shot to hit em with a .22. My dad loaded the shells up with shot that was on the large size, not too many in a shell. The idea was that you just hit them with a few shot, that way you are not spittin out lots of little bbs the whole meal. I soon graduated from the shotgun, and used the .22 from then on out. You will get to be a good shot if you hunt squirrels enough. I at first had a scope, (it helped me hit them so far up there in those big trees), but after I got better I took it off because, I would spot the squirrel, but by the time I got the rifle up it would be hard to find him with all the foilage magnafied. With open sights, you are able to keep your eyes on him while you bring the rifle up. Pointers....go in where you know they are present and sit down, (preferably next to a tree or something you can use as a rest to shoot off of) Be quiet! and patient. If you can do these two things they will probably reveal themselves. (tough with kids) Listen for things dropping through the foilage, usually hulls from the nuts they are eating. Listen for their chatter. If you know there are several in one tree, and you shoot one don't run to get him right away, just stay still and quiet,the others will eventually come back out and you can get another one or two if you're lucky. Here is another tip my dad taught me,(35 yrs. ago). Squirrels are tricky, they will tend to move as you do and stay on the other side of the tree from you. If you are walking through with someone else, have them walk on the other side of the tree from you, one of you is more likely to get a shot this way. If you are by yourself, and you think this is happening, find yourself a rifle rest, be ready, then throw a stick or rock to the other side of the tree, the noise often will make them come around to your side, and you can get a shot. These are some of my best tips, of course there is alot more to know, just get out there and give it a try, you'll learn fast, and it's a good way to teach your kids to be conscientious hunters. I tell ya, to me it is some of the best hunting. Making a clean head shot kill way up in the top of a huge tree through branches and foilage, with open sights, what more could a hunter want? Oh yeah, they are very good eating, (contrary to popular belief). Roll the legs in flour and fry them up like chicken. Good hunting to ya...
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