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I'd go with a heavier bullet like a remmington factory core-lokt 180. Penetration is key with large game and you are likely to be "brush shooting" in PA. Remember PA is NOTHING like colorado you will be looking at thickets and vines and all kinds of undergrowth very UNLIKE Colorado. That 12.5 Pound "Goat-Sniper" rifle might NOT be the rifle you want for PA bears.

I know if i go Bear hunting in WVa I'm taking my 870 and a slug barrel and 2 3/4 1 ounce winchesters.

For Colorado I use a 30-06 with those 165 grain sierra game king bullets for deer, antelope, elk, bear, prarie dogs, badgers, and just about anything else. Ok if I was gonna hunt moose here I'd get 220 garin bullets or a .375.

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