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My father had good results with the Sierra 165 GameKing HP in a down-loaded .30-06 load (say about 2750 fps) on a large CO black bear. One shot behind the shoulder brought down the bruin. This is pretty duplicable in .308. Oops! I see that you don't reload...

Winchester FailSafe .308 has a wonderful reputation among everyone I've ever met who used it. Unfortunately, it's so very expensive, it's hard to make yourself practice with it enough. Pick up a couple of boxes of lesser-priced ammo of the same bullet weight and aprox. velocity and put in some good practice before using the FailSafe to find out where your exact point of impact is. I know you knew that, but sometimes we think "I can't afford to buy any more ammo-- I just spent $60 on 40 rounds of the good stuff!" [grin]

The Hornady Light Magnum gives good results to some people, but some rifles don't like it as much as others. What rifle are you looking at using?

Will you, too, be one who stands in the gap?


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