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I have one, with all the trimmings. Short commings, It's real touchy to set up for the first time. Sometimes the primer feeder needs an extra nudge because the primers will "bridge" in the hopper. When properly set up it will produce ammo with amazing sameness. that doesn't mean that it will be more accurate, that's up to you. once I got it set up right it has produced 1000's of .45 and 38SPL ammo in progressive mode. I don't do rifle in progressive mode as I prefer to trickle charge and such. it does hold COAL to a very tight tolorance. I'm happy with the Lee factory crimp dies. another downfall is it doesn't have a low powder warning as the Dillon does so watch your levels. Yes, I have both the multiple tube case and bullet feeders. Don't fill the bullet feeder tubes all the way up if your using 200 gr. or greater bullets About 2/3 load seems right.

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