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Well, I have never been hunting for deer w/ rifle, living in a shotgun only state. For that, I carry three in the gun, and another five on or about my person. When varmint hunting, though, with a .222, it's 20 or more, plus a bunch in the car. i don't know which is louder, the rifle or me cursing when i miss the bleeping chuck by a bleeping quarter of a bleeping inch. I've never been bear hunting, but have an uncle who has several times. He always carries a t/c encore, with one in and several extras, plus a .44 mag somewhare nearby. For elk, though (not that i've ever been thanks to that annoying little restriction know as very little in the way of legal tender) however, many of my relatives favor an m1 garand. eight shots in, plus up to four more stripper clips.
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