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41's correct from my perspective, although I do carry (with bolt rifles) the 5 in rifle & another five in the day pack. Only once in 30+ years of deer/elk hunting have I ever emptied the rifle on elk & that was a very unusual circumstance.

Usually it's the one shot, track (if that)/find & maybe another shot for the coup de grace.

When I first started elk hunting, I would carry a pistol, a sheath knife, a folding saw, way too many extra rounds, so much extra junk. After a bit of experience, I pared it way down.

I see folks in the woods with hatchets, saws, bunches of extra rounds on cartridge belts, big ol' knives that would scare Jim Bowie, pulleys & gambrels & rope & think how much better shape they must be than me! & BTW, they usually don't have any elk either.

'Course for doves, I sometimes pull a wagon of shotgun shells.
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