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First off all, greetings from a fellow Georgia whitetail chaser.

I don't know about your hunting spot, but it seems to me that most of the deer in GA are hunted on land leased from pulp wood companies, which means thick pines and short range shooting(less than 100yds, usually much less). If that is your situation, then you could get by with just your iron sights. I would still rather hunt with a scope though. I have never had a scope to lose its zero and my scopes spend a portion of each hunt on the front rack of an ATV. I have used 3x9's and now I use a 2x7; I keep my scopes set on 4x for hunting and use the higher powers for sighting in and the occasional long shot over clear-cuts. My dad did lose zero on a 25 year old Weaver scope, but he should not have fallen in a ditch and rolled around on the thing. IMHO, scopes give an accuracy advantage that is well worth any slim chance of having one go bad on you. Other than wounding a deer, having a deer get away because of a mechanical problem could be looked at as just part of the game!

Good hunting,

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