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I can tell you for sure that a Leupold Vari-X II 3x9, and a Simmons 44Mag 3x10 are unaffected by severe bouncing. Both have ridden in my truck for years over some of North America's roughest roads, and the Leupold has accompanied me in several non-deliberate "trips" down some mountain-sides.

The drawback to a scope in the sort of hunting you describe is the limited field of view. Even three-power magnification at 10 to 30 yards can have you losing your shot because of the lost time in getting the crosshairs: 1. On the animal; and 2) In the right danged PLACE on the animal. BTDT, and it's frustrating. A scope works best from fifty yards on out to the limits of you and your rifle.

But you're going to have to bang a scope on a tree pretty danged hard to knock it off its zero.
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