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Jon Carter
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Hi All.
One of the reasons I am dead-set on having fixed sights on my first hunting rifle is that it seems imprudent to depend on the precision of a scope set up while trekking through the woods. I am not (at this point in my green shade) interested in hanging out for long periods of time in a stand when I can learn to stalk on the ground. So after I get my feet
wet, in a stand I would like to learn to hunt with Bow or Gun on the ground.

I mean, 'how hard could it be'? hee heee

Anyway it would seem as though one bang of a tree or a drop to the ground and your
hunt is over. (scope out of line)

So, I am wondering: Has this ever happened to any of you experienced hunters? How common is it?
Do you ever have problems with condensation in or on the scope lens? What about rain?

Thank You.

Jon Carter
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