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Yeah, dw's comment was right: Avoid hassles, even when you're not wrong. Dealing with idiots and mean people is difficult, even for old guys like me.

Looking ahead, I have some suggestions: Go out to various farms in your area. Talk to the owner, explaining that you're looking for a place to shoot--and that you'd be willing to trade some help for him in return.

The odds are that you will find one or two places for "just shooting", and maybe, also, a place to hunt. First time out, of course, I wouldn't bring up hunting.

By the way, those hand-trap clay-bird throwers are inexpensive, and a case of clay-birds is reasonably priced. Always remember to pick up your empties, and police up the larger pieces of claybirds.

Ask at your gun store about shooting ranges and clubs. You'll find that most guys will be happy to help you get started in being "really good" with a shotgun...

Best regards, Art
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