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I just got a new shotgun. So, me and my fiend decided to go and shoot it a couple times.(you know how it is).We were really carful as to where we went to shoot. We went to this swampy land that floods alot that is government owned. So, we're shooting and this guy in an old beatup truck pulls up. hes goes"do you know whos land you're shooting on?". Me and my friend were polite and told him we did not know. he then went on to tell us that we shouldnt hunt on other peoples land. We told him that we were not hunting that we were just shooting this new shotgun at a tree. my friend then asked him if he owned the land. He replied by telling us that we were scaing off all the deer and that it was a fellony to shoot on others property. Me and my friend are only fifteen and we didnt want to start anything so we politely left and did not question the man. About thirty minutes later the man is on the same spot we were shooting a twelve guage. he couldnt have been deer hunting either because he fired about ten or twelve shots in less thatn two miinutes.
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