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Lions? We're bum-deep in lion-poop around here. wuz up north about three miles from my house with a buddy, meddlin' around; found tracks of five lions within a two-mile stretch. All fresh tracks. A young, grown male (scrape); momma and cub; and two young, grown lions.

Just before Thanksgiving, we found tracks back in the Lefthand Shutup of a momma and cub, plus a BIG male lion.

Then there's my scared-of-guns ex-Canadien who was upset over the elderly lion hanging around his house, laying up underneath his double-wide.

Tour-guided a lady biologist/river guide back in the Shutup country a year or so back. We found some 20+ pile of scat which she said were bear-poop. Believable; no wild persimmons nor buckeyes for some three miles, up and down the creek.

Quite a few bear in Big Bend State Park, now. Some have been moved in from "trouble spots". Saw fresh poop and tracks over west of Terlingua Ghost Town, during last year's deer season.

There was a bear wandering around the golf course, up in Alpine...They didn't say if he broke par...

, Art
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