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I have used a lot of 4198 in my 45-70 also but I have found for my rifle that 3031 seems to produce better accuracy. I would guess that 4198 and 3031 are the 2 most popular powders used (at least from what I have seen). I have loaded some 4064 also in heavy loads that make your eyes water. I do like the 4198 with lighter bullets but most of what I load are 405 and 500 gr bullets anymore. The light weight's don't seem to shoot as well in my gun. As far as primers go, I have tried Win, Rem and CCI, they all work but it seems that the CCI work better for me as far as accuracy goes. I only have had 1 primer fail to fire in 45 years of reloading and I sometimes wonder if somehow, in a fit of stupidity, I had loaded a fired one in the case without noticing. I would buy 100 of each brand and try them out to see which one does the best for you in your gun then stick with them.
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