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Much as it would tickle me to death to hear that the black bear were getting so profligate down there that a man would run a decent chance of seeing one, I suspect the chances of undergoing a real live bear attack in Brewster County are pretty much on par with Art's need for a boat 80 cubits at the beam parked outside his front door. From what I hear from the rangers in the park (where people run the highest [by far] chance of encountering the bruins), the bears are pretty durn respectful of people; when folks arive, they git! You'd have a better chance of getting attacked by a mountain lion in that area (and boy, there's a few down there...), and that' awfully unlikely. I'll bet Art is familiar with every attack in the county in the last 20 years, and they don't amount to many.

Still and all, the opportunity to carry your 629 should not be passed on simply because you're not imminently under attack by bear-- in that country, sometimes yonder rock at 200 yards just begs to be taught a lesson. (Or at Art's, 495 yards...)

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